Answer found

In my previous post I was trying to find out the fonts for a bakery I pass by. Well folks, this is one of those cases where trying too hard may actually lead you away from the answer. After posting it on myfonts.com I have had the unexpected response  that is probably a bold version of Times New Roman. Ugh. I also confirmed that several of the letters are backwards.(My sympathies to the owners.) I can’t believe the simplicity of that answer. A 5 minute look at one of the most basic, well known fonts known by anyone who uses a computer could have solved all of this. I guess it goes to show though that even if you’ve been looking at a font for 15 years, it doesn’t necessarily mean you actually know what the font looks like. To “know” a font is to know it’s identifying characteristics. I at least now have become officially acquainted with Times New Roman. What an appropriate start.


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