Hyperrealism project progression

My first project has been going pretty good. It has taken me good amount of hours daily and a steady pace this past week of copying, pasting, correcting, and color changing to get what I envisioned coming together. The project proposal that my classmates chose for me was my “under the sea” scenario idea. As I am a daily commuter and all of my decisions for the day revolve around how I am going to get anywhere, I wanted to imagine a fantasy bus that could take me anywhere.  I wanted to believe the bus could take me someplace fun but treat it as just any normal route where normal people would be waiting. In this case I wanted it to go to the bottom of a (tropical) sea.  And I kept thinking,  “Under the sea, under the sea!” Yeah, The Little Mermaid still plays in my head.

And so below is how my project has progressed. I’m quite pleased after I looked at them at how all the small changes I made were really bringing the scene together. At some point, I want to write about some of the tools and discoveries I made while I was snipping and cleaning, but I will have to do that later.

#1: Here is the first one I finished in class. You can just see  it’s just my collage of pictures that I gathered and which seemed would work well.

#2: The second one you can see the fish now coming alive and leaving their frames. I almost would like to see this as a postcard.

#3: Here is where I started placing a separate foreground, middle, and background. I wanted to make sure there was movement going through space.

#4: Here I was trying to think where the city would be better placed and if there should be a scuba diver going to the bus. As well I saw a different bus angle would be better.

#5: Here I’m trying to fill in the giant gap on the left, and give the composition depth by moving the city all the way to the back.

#6: The sixth one was where I got pretty excited because now I really was trying to piece together different photos to make a single layer.  I found a nice rounder reef rock to fill my left side. I was also trying to figure out where the sea floor would connect.

#7: And here is my most recent one which I intend to improve before class. I am very happy with how that one background plane came out. I had to experiment a lot with adjustment layers (which I wish to write about more in detail later), and more proudly was able to get to the colors the same trying color balance, exposure, and color channels. It was really a trial and error that worked out nicely. What I have left now is to unify the colors of all layers. I’m happy where it stands now though.


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