Whole Foods Mail Catalogue

So I got this small catalogue from Whole Foods, and I thought it was an interesting, minimal looking piece of design. It felt very appropriate to what it was selling, which are natural grains like rice and beans, which are supposed to be from the earth and good for you. I also noticed the arrangement of the pictures on the cover, which look like they would be an some outside market, or boutique.


The title font and subheading font are in an uppercase san-serif, with  imperfect edges that makes it look like it was made from an old fashion stamp (in my mind I would have made it from a cork, or whatever they did to stamp bags of rice back in the farmers heyday).


All text is a visible three column grid system. Interestingly the text is serif, which reminds me of older design that used a mix of styles.The informational subheading again remains in all caps, but they are smaller and within the grid, while the heading is outside of it. And inside you can see the color choices are earth tones, like dirty green-yellow, pasty white, and some kind of blue (sorry I’m not an expert in color yet).


Now that I have taken a typography class and read a book about historically old catalogues and timetable, I for the first time am aware that this booklet  is using a simple table as opposed to modern ones which don’t use lines and instead choose colors to lead the eye. But without thinking about it too much, I would say this feels appropriate because while still modern, the colors and paper give it an old fashioned feeling, like it would be a catalogie for farmers.



And of course the back cover has a whole edge to edge test section, and the wholefoods website and logo. Hey, it got me to look inside and I wasn’t the least interested in buying grains at the time.


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