What is up with the t’s?

So a random observation here about standard fonts in my font list.  On my computer at home I have a pretty limited number of fonts, but I never really cared until I went looking for a typeface that had a lowercase ‘t’ which  has a straight stem, and no tail at the end. I couldn’t believe it, of all the ” t’s” I have on my computer, barely any had a straight stem. I could barely  find a single one that is a simple straight line with a crossbar! What is up with that?

I know from some of my typography reading that lowercase t’s are made so that they don’t get confused with the uppercase T but what if you want a lowercase ‘t’, that looks like the way you write it?? I was trying to get it for my project, but I had to actually put time into finding one.

Just look how many standard fonts have the ‘t’ the way I don’t want it.


Out of so many I finally came upon two that actually have it:

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 1.11.42 PM

I bet you this design choice has something to do with a) how letterpress worked and some difficulty of something, or b) something about the ‘t’ being “easier to read” and placed next to other letters. But man this is annoying when you’re looking for a certain feel.


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