Still Life with Charcoal Assignment 3

I have completed two new assignments. Man I swear I never thought I could commit to one piece for more than 4 hours, but this assignment took me through the wringer. We had to accomplish not just one large drawing, but two in one week. Both were of the same still life, but one had to be dark and one had to be light. Actually I kind of misunderstood the assignment, since the night before the assignment was due I found out one was supposed to be the negative inverse of the other instead of a “darker” version. Whoops ^^;.  But at that point I was like Oh hell I put so much work into it I can’t bother worrying about it.  What’s done is done. Luckily my professor didn’t penalize me, whew. I never thought something like this took so long. I usually start a piece, sketch a little, then move on. No wonder my shading didn’t make progress! But finally I can say I have gotten some control of shading with charcoal. Yes I am developing skill!




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