Markmaking: Feet


This is my drawing of feet! I’m again very happy with the way it came out. (The reason there is annoying glare on the picture is because I forgot to take a picture before I handed it in, so I ended up having to take the picture in the hallway with glass over it.) I had to take an object and use markmaking to tone it.  There were props in class we could use and I chose to use a statue of a foot. I thought the foot was a particularly good idea because knowing anatomy is so important for an artist and as such  I do admire feet. I love the landscape that is formed with the curve of each toe, and the plump fingers that allow us the ability to thrust ourselves into space. I admit though I’ve never gotten down to the business of actually working on the joints and shape exclusively so I thought this was a time to do it.  Feet are so surprisingly difficult to get to look right because of the complex bone structure underneath. It’s only occurred to me because of this assignment that if  I wanted to develop more as a professional artist I could just buy my own statuettes to study anatomy at my own leisure.  Um… I can’t believe it took me this long to see that possibility.

Anyway, another reason I chose the foot was because I liked the look of the crack on the top part of the foot. I had an original idea to somehow emphasize the crack to comment on the fragility of such an important body part, but I don’t think my straight forward rendering of it really brings your attention to that. At most it hints at it. I think if I were to improve on it with the actual goal of communicating that message I would have to go more abstract with it. I think the abstract quality would be able to better deal with the physical impression of vulnerability.


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