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Daily Sketches

Scanned Image 14  Scanned Image 15

Today I tried focusing on using actual pen technique so I went to the library and looked at the book “Drawing Technique with Ink” by Fritz Henning.  I had found it in passing and knew it would be important for me to look at. So I brought my fine tipped sharpie marker and sketchpad to a table and  tried copying a picture of a man in tux. It took me three tries to just begin getting the natural hand of the cross-hatching but I plan to go back and keep trying it.  I then  found an exercise in the book to stipple out a portrait of a girl they provided. I have to say, at first I quickly got exasperated  stippling every dot and tried cheating a bit by coloring in the dark.  But I forced myself to stop  doing that and then continued with genuine stipples.  Her face is a little too thin, and her eyes aren’t aligned quite accurately, but over all I think it’s a good start.

0322141556 0322141557 0322141558


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