Learning PHP at Code Academy


A little while ago I decided I wanted to start learning PHP because I know being savvy in coding if even rudimentary is a must nowadays. I previously took 2 computer science classes, learned basic Actionscript on Flash at FIT, and taught myself HTML , so I felt it was something I could totally take up on own. However, being that I am more interested in art than coding, and didn’t know yet when the it will come in handy, I didn’t want to have to pick up a big heavy book and be overwhelmed with it.  So I decided it’d be better to go online and hopefully find something simple. And that’s how I found  Code Academy.

Man I actually love this website. It offers easy to follow mini-lessons for the complete beginner, explains ideas just enough so that you’re not turned off by too much theory, lets you understand the functions, and congratulates you with badges to keep up your moral and sense accomplishment every step of the way. And best of all it’s FREE! Who doesn’t want to learn something supposedly difficult for free? Grant it though, it does feel a little like elementary school every time you get a badge (I’ve reached 25, yays!!), but when it comes to a newby at coding, if you don’t feel like your getting just a little of it, the whole thing can be frustrating . This website actually makes it fun, and I really have to congratulate the designers such a great user-friendly lesson plan. I really think this could help tons of high-schoolers and college students start on serious paths into coding.   I myself am thankful for the privilege I’ve had of taking computer science previously to this so that the concept of strings, echo, arrays, and parenthesis already have a point of reference for me, but for others, there is no such background. This website is probably one of the greatest resources for complete beginner.

So I would recommend this website to everyone who doesn’t want time to commit to an expensive classes but wants to get their feet wet and looks forward to being able to go further down the line.


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