Cinema 4D

glowball1    glowball2 balls

dubstep  stripesforwebpic4

I decided I should finally post up some of the stuff I have learned in Cinema 4D. These were done from tutorials I found online, so while I can’t claim ownership (except for the last one, that was all me), I did actually make these particular jpegs. Compared to the overwhelming behemoth that is Maya, Cinema 4D feels like riding on a train with no worries after riding in a clunky car for miles. Hands down the tool bars is much  easier to navigate for novices like myself, and the options of what can be done with text and shapes with just a few effects and a few tweaks on settings is phenomenal.  I especially LOVE  the ability to duplicate and re-coordinate multiple shapes (you can see the result in pic 3)! I was just working on an animation tutorial which explains how to explode text into particles, but before showing my results, I’m going to  have to figure out how the heck I’m going to render that out when all I have is a laptop. But when I do, I will post it up. Really, I had no good idea on what textures were about when doing Maya other than that they gave you some reflection, but getting right into Cinema 4D, I really saw finally how the textures reacted to lighting.  With so much offered in Maya, you’re too busy trying to figure out what to do to take to much time to look at textures ( for beginners anyways.  But I will continue working on Maya, once I get back into animation in it. ) I can see why motions graphic artists love the easy, sleek results Cinema 4D  can bang out. If I had known this kind of satisfaction before when making 3D objects, I would have not wanted to get off the computer as much as I did before.



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