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Fashion Sketches

Fashion Sketch1 1 Fashion SketchFashion Sketch 4

Fashion Sketch 1  Fashion Sketch 3    Fashion Sketch 7

Fashion Sketch 8  Fashion Sketch 9Fashion Sketch 2


So I went to a sketch meetup at the Society of Illustrators in NYC where I got a chance to try drawing models with designed clothing. I’m not one for fashion but I think this was a good chance for me to look at sketching as more an impressionistic visual exercise than an accurate one. One thing I learned from looking at the many other people’s sketches around me was that drawing fashion is much more about capturing the “essence” of the beauty and pose than I’m used to, so I struggled a bit with it. I tried too hard to make it look right.  I think I did a much better job in my first four 3-minute sketches than all the rest of them. I’m glad I at least brought my colored pencils to help capture the yellow dresses. But I think this is a good first step to making my mind more elastic and flexible.


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