Art Project

Framed Insect Collection


I’ve had a small collection of bugs which I have wanted to see framed in a shadow box for a long time. Last week, after finally buying a deep frame and letting it sit,  I at last got this long awaited art project going.

First let me just say I didn’t kill any of my bugs. They were already dead when I found them and were random encounters. While some may think picking up insects off the street is gross, I think if you really find  these creatures interesting, there’s no reason to letting them go to waste. For me, making a frame for them was also a kind of memorial to them. Who knows what kind of lives they lived before I found them? So this is my artistic link to them.

So anyway, going quickly through how I did this:

1) I bought a 7×9 frame that was just deep and big enough to hold the insects at Target, as well as scrapbook cards, double sided tape, and super glue. (Sorry all of my pictures are really poor quality since it was low light and I only had my ipod).



2)To make the composition more interesting, I cut out a bright, glossy, colored magazine picture and stuck it on with tape to the cardboard insert that came with the frame. Then after much deliberation, I decided how I would arrange the scrapbook cards and insects on that picture.

3) Composition decided, I stuck the scrapbook on tape, and then used the superglue to place on the insects.


bugs 3

This was a very satisfying and quick project. I’m very glad that this is something I can put on my wall for all to see. In the future, I think I would like to try something even more complex.


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