Currently working on a new project for Westchester Community College. It will be part of their RideShare program.

Here is a walk-cycle test I did with a female character. 

Character and background designs.

Office-Girl  Statues2 Statues1

Here are character and background designs I did for a class project.



Some of my Backgrounds

The setting of the story takes  place inside a suburban home, so I built all the parts in Illustrator and will imported them into Flash. Here are the character’s car and her stairway.







Animations I liked:

So I was thinking about the animations that were done in flash and which I would honestly with heart and soul recommend to others.  Being it as there are still relatively few motion pictures done in flash, I have a limited library outside of 3d and traditional hand-drawn scope. But inside these limited choices I would hands down first and foremeost yell out 1) Persepolis and 2) Secret of Kells.  No such other international releases left me with with a satisfaction of having a beautiful but human experience. Dreamy, dark, and lush storytelling is what they are.

Below are the trailers.


Persepolis in particular was a wish fulfilled for me because I had read the original graphic novels while I was in high school and absolutely gobbled them up. It was everything I wanted in novel: a young girl who grows up self aware and troubled, a land far away which I knew little about but which was outside America’s  arrogant self promotion, and a presentation of politics where I could actually understand the conflict and  a people’s reasoning for violence. It  was one of the few books where I felt I was being informed!

And The Secret of Kells was great just because it was such a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t acticipated actually liking it, but it took itself seriously enough as art work that it earned my respect. How many movies out there actually consider kids smart enough to sit quietly, appreciate the surroundings, and not demand an  idiotic dancing animal sequence every five seconds? This movie actually lets children grasp their own potential.


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