Digital Designs

Text within Image

Here below are some more type experiments except this time I put the words inside an image. I’m especially proud of the fox which took me several hours, and a lot of cut and paste.

My Word Designs

Below are some of my exercises I did using letters. We were to make the letter more abstract and use them as building material rather than something to be read. I really enjoyed this assignment because I’ve been wanting for a while to play with text in Illustrator, and try to replicate some of the amazing designs I’ve seen using typography.

My Designs

Here are a couple of my designs I did for the class assignments.  We were to practice with circles and squares composing space and finding thier relations, and seeing if we could get an idea going . At first I wasn’t sure how I could make the same shapes interesting, but once we were shown what outlines and empy vectors could do, I was awed by the results achieved through randomness and mistakes from the previous version. These exercises  really showed me how much of your results are built upon what you did before.  The good piece are inspired from the previous ones. It’s like any art, you’ve got to keep doing it  in order to improve.


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