1) Body with parts made of words and images. Head would have the world “head”, and maybe some images associated with it like eyes, nose, and the word “eyes”, “nose”, and then smells like flowers or stars. The hands would have an image of pens, pencils, finger prints. I would like some print to go on the figure somewhere. Ultimately I want it to be a body constructed of word references, and linkable images.

human-brain  20341-4002-2ww-m


tumblr_m8wxxphByN1rct58lo1_1280   human-skeleton-t762241f23e18-f6c3-42db-a84b-01a1779c8363

2)  A 3d-looking collage


I  am very inspired by the small cut and paste pieces that I have found on the web, and would like the effect of having the sense of multiple layer. I would like to put it in a frame, or a novel shape like the above Easter egg. I really just enjoy the beautiful effect they all have.

3) Decollage


I learned in art class that poetic images could come just by ripping of paper and layers without any thought about what you want, and I would like to work with that kind of random chance. Torn edges and shreds is how each layer would be revealed.

4)I want to continue with my previous idea of three little pigs theme.


stock-image-many-wooden-sticks       Bird_House_10090

pig_2    running pigs

downstairs_alcove_bed   an-old-bed-dubai-united-arab-emirates+1152_12982892198-tpfil02aw-3521

5) Gothic Scene

I might just take a lot of the lithograph illustrations which I enjoy looking at, and put them together to create some mish-mash of all the absurd preoccupations and hysteria that took place at the time. I would also like to incorporate some real world elements like a pocket watch and contrast that with the illustrations.









Annex - Lugosi, Bela (Dracula)_04



Chosen Concept

My chosen concept was the gothic theme. I know I will want to make it a very Victorian, murder or death of some sort. But really it’s up to the material that I find.







Special Tools

For most of the figures in my scene were cut out using the pen tool. I carefully traced around them, and then would made save the path in the workpath window. I would make the path a selection, and copy the figure onto a new layer. Then from there I would make them bigger or smaller.  One of the more involved things in the process was making a silhouette for this picture of two men in a carriage. I knew I wanted that in the background, so after I cut out the figure like below, I then made a new empty layer and made a black square that could cover the whole image. I’m pretty sure there was a better way of doing this, but making clipping masks was what I knew from Illustrator, so that’s how I did it. With the black square on top, I right clicked the black square layer, and made it a clipping mask , which then made it a black outlined by the figures.

silloute sillouteblack

Then to do a similar silhouette for a willow tree I wanted in the background, I had to get more involved. In order to cut out the background of the sky from the original image, I had to go to the RGB window, and click on each layer to see which one gave me the most contrast. When I found that the blue layer had the best contrast, I then made a copy of that layer, and turned off the other blue layer. Then while still in the RGB layer on the copied blue layer, I went into level and brought the black and white contrast as clear as possible, separating the white of the sky and the black of the tree. When sissified with as close as I could get it, I then used a black brush and painted in the little part of the tree that could not be made black with the levels. With that done, I then turned on all the RGB layers on and when I went back to the layers window and clicked on a layer, I was able to get a good selection of the tree from the sky. So with the sky selected, I erased it and had the tree alone with the fine details of the leaves still there. Then I was able to resize that and add a silhouette to it .

treetree silloute

Digital Drafts










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