Project 1–letter

Final 5 

I believe these newer works best meet the objective of this project, which was to transform the white space of my letter into the dominant space. I tried picking the ones that were different and which had some sense of shape.  I can only just barely tell it’s an ‘a’ by the top of the letter and rounded curve.

Digital Drafts

Design samples I found

I decided to see what some design concept for letterform would be and I found these very interesting pages below, which coincidentally are for “a”.

Concept Thumbnails

For my first project, I am to take a letter and place it inside a box in such a way that the white space become as important as the black. I received the lowercase “a”. I am at least happy that I got a curvy letter with  pretty long stem. Below are my concept thumbnails that I made in my notebook with pen.

History of the Letter A

The letter A and the rest of the alphabet was first developed by the Phoenician civilization around 1300 BC. The system was later adopted by the Greeks and the Romans around 150 BC, to which they added vowels. The original Phoenician A was either upside down or on its side in contrast to the modern capital A. It is believed to have been representative of an ox’s head. The importance of this animal was reflected in its placement at the beginning of the alphabet and was called an alef. Eventually, when it was adopted by the Greeks, the symbol was turned 90 degrees, with its point facing upward, and had its name changed to alpha. By way of trade, the Romans then took the Greek A, perfected its crossing line, and once more changed the name to ah. The Roman’s A is now the standard for today’s modern capital letter. The miniscule A lastly came about during the Medieval period when book copyists needed to write quickly by hand. The result came about from joining the left leg with the middle crossing line in one motion, making a straight A into a curved, rounded “a”.

Phoenician A

Greek A

Roman A


1 thought on “Project 1–letter”

  1. I found the history on the project very interesting. I had the same letter and found it hard to find alot of information. the white space does form a positve space in each final design. the tear drop shape is very interesting. the identity of the letter is definately hinted at in the finals. the final designs show different visual ideas, foucusing on the a at different angles. the thumbnails history and final concepts are labled but are not in order as laid out on the project sheet.

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