Project 3– text

My Final Five


conservative                  moderate                 adventurous               experimental                    outrageous

New Drafts

I believe after our in class review, I have come to much better understand the distinguishing characteristics of the five different categories. I now can estimate that a conservative design is very boring and close together; a moderate is more aware of it’s white space and not so centered; an adventurous one is where there is awareness of it’s design, while maintaining legibility; experimental is nearly all about noticeable design and hard to read, though still barely legible; while outrageous is complete disregard for all meaning of text and simply an image incidentally made of text.  Below are some newer drafts based on class review.


outrageous                      outrageous             outrageous             adventurous                 moderate

experimental                   outrageous                outrageous              conservative              outrageous

experimental             adventurous                   experimental              adventurous                 moderate

My first five

I admit, this project was proving to be very difficult for me. While I enjoyed working with a single letter and being able to experiment with the size and its outlines, I found working with whole text very taxing and awkward. I can recognize that this project is meant for us to look at whole text as a body composed of spacing and appropriate choice of alignment to express something about the text, but it’s such a stiff block of material to work with that I find it very uninspiring and dull. I cannot yet see what contrasting space between lines here and there do to express an idea.  The only creative part I am enjoying is categorizing the “experimental”, and the “outrageous”.  Below are the one I first chose for in class review.

Digital Drafts

adventurous                   adventurous             adventurous          moderate                  outrageous

adventurous                 moderate                 adventurous             experimental                    outrageous

adventurous                     adventurous          moderate                     moderate               outrageous

Thumbnails sketches

The purpose of this project is to take five paragraphs of text from “Printing in Europe”, and experiment with the lead and tracking of the paragraphs. We are to take into considerations how each of the paragraph alignments and placement in their box express a certain feeling to the viewer. In this case we will be labeling them into categories of conservative, moderate, adventurous, experimental, and outrageous, with conservative being the most legible, but least flashy, and outrageous being the least legible but most eye catching.  Having looked at some examples, I know I will not be able to tell the difference between some. Below are my rough thumb sketches.


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